Organization Description

The National Hurricane Museum & Science Center (NHMSC), as its name suggests, is a hybrid organization: part museum because it will chronicle the history and social meanings of hurricanes through collections and archives; part science center because it will use interactive and immersive educational experiences to explore the science and impacts of hurricanes as powerful forces of nature; and part university as it partners with the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, National Aeronautic Space Administration, University of Florida, McNeese State University, Louisiana State University, and other educational institutions to train and intern hurricane professionals in the latest techniques and technologies for predicting, preparing for, surviving, and recovering from hurricanes.

To be located on the waterfront of Lake Charles, Louisiana, adjacent to the heavily-traveled Interstate 10 midway between Houston and Baton Rouge, the NHMSC will be an irresistible destination for the entire Gulf region; a hub in an interconnected digital learning network dedicated to understanding and preparing for hurricanes. Utilizing the science of hurricanes, the NHMSC will work with K-12 schools to stimulate the learning of basic math and science. In partnership with government, schools, public agencies, and private individuals, the NHMSC intends to save lives, reduce property damage, speed recovery and ease the return of the people of our East and Gulf Coasts who courageously withstand these devastating storms to sustain their homes, lifestyles, and families. Through practical and engaging education, the NHMSC will tell the natural and social story of hurricanes while delivering memorable experiences to millions of visitors.



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