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2 weeks 4 days ago
A free webinar on hurricanes will be offered to grades 4 - 6 on May 10 at 10:30 a.m. EDT. Register here:
16 weeks 6 days ago
Rumor has it that Hog Island near New York vanished because of a hurricane in 1893. Here's what really happened:
17 weeks 4 days ago
#Hurricane names Matthew & Otto have been retired, and will be replaced by Martin & Owen.
17 weeks 6 days ago
The return of El Nino is looking more & more likely - that means a less active hurricane season for U.S.
18 weeks 2 days ago
The NHC is changing the forecast cone to help you better understand the impact of a particular storm where you live.
18 weeks 4 days ago
This animation by NASA follows Hurricane Isabel (2003) from its birthplace in East Africa, to the United States.
18 weeks 6 days ago
NOAA put 170 years of hurricane history into one interactive site. If you're really into maps, this is for you:
19 weeks 2 days ago
Here's 5 changes coming to the way the NHC reports on #hurricanes this season.
19 weeks 3 days ago
#DYK A hurricane makes “landfall” when its center, not its edge, crosses the coastline.
20 weeks 2 days ago